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Pasaje por Latinoamerica   Passage through Latin America

Listening to the unique and inspiring instruments played by Grupo Condor in Passage through Latin America will take you on a high-energy journey. During the performance, each member plays different instruments and tells stories about the origin of the music, it's Native American, European and African influences and stress the importance of each culture's contribution in the formation of this enchanting music.

The nature of Grupo Condor's performance is ideal for those presenters looking to combine high-energy entertainment with an educational and multicultural dimension.

The instruments showcased by Grupo Condor are comprised of three groups: The String family of Spanish influence, including the instruments such as the guitar, charango and ronroco;the Flute family of American influence, such as quenas, zampoñas and antaras and the Percussions of both African and American influences, including the bombo leguero, chaj-chas, palo de lluvia and tambor de agua.

Grupo Condor is available for public performances as well as private events and is honored to perform for all type of educational, health or social organizations

Length of Program: 45 and 90 minutes (with  15-20 min Intermission)

Technical Specifications: 15x15 feet. We can provide our sound equipment for small to medium size venues. Stage Plot (Download here)

Travel Range: All over U.S.

Seasonal Availability: Year round


Young Audiences of Oregon & SW Washington since 1993, Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC) since 1999, Oregon Historical Society-Folklife Program since 2001. Past rosters: Arts Northwest, National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), Western Arts Alliance (WAAA).

"...Grupo Condor was the ethnic talent of the year!"
Shaz Davison,
Campus Events Coordinator,

South Puget Sound CC, WA

"...people were able to celebrate and learn about South American culture simultaneously."
David Gonzalez, Latino Coalition President,
Western Washington University

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Grupo Condor at the Old Church, Portland, OR.
Grupo Condor at the Old Church, Portland, OR.

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