"Legends of Mexico-Leyendas de Mexico"
An original production by Nuestro Canto
Gerardo Calderón & Nelda Reyes

Mexico is very well known for its legends, myths and tales. We have legends since the time of the Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs, Hucholes, as well as legends after the arrival of the Europeans to the American Continent. We have legends that talk about love, nature and everyday life. Nuestro Canto has gathered legends from all over Mexico and has composed music especially for the legends we narrate during our performances.

"Leyendas de México- Legends of Mexico" is an original Bilingual performance with Masks, Movement and Dance, Songs and Music. During the program, participants will learn about Geography, History, Traditional ancestral music and the different languages still spoken in Mexico. Participants will also be able to listen to live music with Pre-Colombian instruments such as Clay Flutes (single,double & triple chamber), Chaj-chas, Teponaztle and Huehuetl and get close to these intruments and ask questions after the performance.

Audience age level: Appropriate for all ages. K through 12 and above.
Audience size: Any size.
Length of performance: 1 hour
Equipment needs: 1 table. (We can provide own Sound System)
Space needs: Ideal 10 x 8 feet. (We can also perform on smaller spaces) Indoor & Outdoors.
Languages: Our program can be offer in English, Spanish or Bilingual.
Travel range: Anywhere in the United States
Seasonal availability:Year round
Complete Brochure: Download here

Aztecas or Mexicas Warriors and Dancers
Los primeros cuatro dioses Mexicas o Aztecas, the first Mexica or Aztec gods made out of corn.
El tambor de agua- Water Drum

Legends of Mexico VIDEO-DEMO click here to watch

Nuestro Canto

Grandma telling the Huichol legend of the peanuts
Pre-Columbian Instruments: Shells, Flutes, Water Drum. Pre-Columbian Instruments: Shells, Flutes,

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