Musical Director, Gerardo Calderon teaches private group and individual classes of Latin American Music for all levels and to students with any musical background. Gerardo specializes in a broad array of String instruments such as the guitar, vihuela, guitarra de golpe, jarana, ronroco, charango, tiple colombiano, cuatro puertorriqueño and tres cubano. He also teaches basic to intermediate classes in traditional wind intruments such as quena, zampoña, tarka, rondador and quenilla as well as different  percussions such as bombo, cajon peruano, small percussions and ancient Mexican percussions.

Ages: 6 years old and above.
Teaching style: A combination of technique, theory and practice, all depending on the needs and goals of the student.
Availability: Monday - Thursday. Flexible schedule depending on student´s need.
Contact: Gerardo Calderon and talk to him about your specific needs. 
E-mail: grupo_condor@yahoo.com Ph:503-805-0914

About Gerardo Calderon

Musical Director of Grupo Condor and Nuestro Canto, studied classical guitar at the Escuela Superior de Musica in Mexico City and Theory and Composition at the Portland Community College in Oregon. As a professional musician, Gerardo has pursued his interest in traditional Mexican music, Latin American folk music and Pre-Colombian music by performing with folk ensembles in Mexico, Canada, New England, and the Pacific Northwest. He has also toured with choir and world music ensembles, and composed music and design sound for dance and theater companies. Gerardo has been a teaching artist for 15 years and has continously served the northwest community through  “Young Audiences of Oregon and SW Washington” roster guide since 1993, “Oregon Historical Society” since 2001, Oregon “Multnomah County Library System” since 2001. Gerardo has arranged, composed and produced multiple albums for Grupo Condor, Nuestro Canto and different artistic collaborative projects. As a parallel activity to performance and teaching, Gerardo is an instrument artisan, he makes custom panflutes, rain-sticks, water drums, turttle boxes and bombos.

Gerardo Calderon at a performance of his collaborative projects

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