Summer 2014
Legends of Mexico Bilingual Book and CD
"Legends of Mexico Book and CD is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council"
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What is Legends of Mexico Book and CD?
The Legends of Mexico (LOM) book and CD is a duo-lingual adaptation of legends from some of the most influential indigenous cultures of the Americas and which are still a vital part of contemporary Mexican culture: the Aztec, Huichol and Maya.
Is divided into three sections - one for each culture. Each section features a legend, traditional song, and art-based activity.
The CD follows the book's narrative, providing bilingual storytelling accompanied by original pre-Hispanic melodies and atmospheric sounds created by replicas of ancient pre-Hispanic nstruments.
Audio track include songs performed in the original indigenous languages and spoken directions to facilitate art-base activities. 
The project features performing, literary and graphic Mexican and Mexican-American artists and arts educators, all bilingual and residents of Mexico and Portland.
  • To offer a permanent source to these contents not available in the U.S, and with it, promote the comprehension and appreciation of Mexican andigenous culture.
  • To create an educational cross-disciplinary product that expose participants to an approximation of the Mexican tradition of storytelling which integrated stories, music and song. And with it, support the preservation of storytelling as an artistic form and an instrument for cultural preservation.
  • To offer teachers supporting material for development of Latin American (LA) History and Arts curricula as required by Oregon Content Strands.
  • To offer LA immigrant families in our country (often living in remote areas) access to culturally relevant knowledge and with it, foster their sense of pride and appreciation of the personal cultural heritage.
  • To promote language literacy in both English and Spanish and through an immersion approach. 
Producer, Project Manager, Developer and Writer, Voice Talent, Multimedia-Nelda Reyes (Mexico).
Musical Director, Composer and CD Production Manager-Gerardo Calderón (Mexico-U.S).
Illustration- Alejandro Calderón (Mexico).
Editorial and Graphic Design-Elizabeth Talley (U.S) .
Spanish Content Editor and Educational Adviser: Veronica Núñez (Venezuela-U.S).
English Content Editor and Literary Adviser: Cindy Williams-Gutiérrez (U.S)

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Call for Donations: Paper and/or printing services for flyers and conference banners.
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Nelda Reyes

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